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We make learning fun

We want to make high tech accessible and inspire life-long learners. We believe that anyone can learn about the latest technology with the right learning environment. We design our workshops to be fun, hands-on, and engaging, with a strong project-based learning approach.

We make learning useful

There is a near-infinite amount of content to learn online, but it is challenging to find content that is both relevant and useful. The oft-repeated statement, "I learned this in school, but never used it again" is the antithesis of our educational philosophy. We hone in on the content and tools that are being used in industry, and teach what is relevant and actionable.

We empower learners 

People should feel empowered when learning new skills. We use a learner-centered approach to develop autonomy both inside and outside of the classroom. Through well-designed discussions, projects, and curricula, we give learners the confidence to tackle more complexity.  

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