Our Team


Cameron Weibel 

Cameron has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from TU/e and a master's degree in Robotics, Systems and Control, with a focus on machine learning, from ETH Zurich. He works at Swiss International Air Lines on artificial intelligence, and teaches robotics and programming across all ages.

Herman Galioulline 

Herman has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from TU/e and is completing his master's degree in Neural Systems and Computation from ETH Zurich. He specializes in programming and cybersecurity, and is currently a teacher at LernCenter in Zurich.


Here are a few of our tutors.

Marlene Rothe 

Marlene holds a bachelor's and master's degree in Chemistry from ETH Zurich. She is currently working on her PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Warwick, investigating the biosynthesis of pharmaceutically relevant natural products. Marlene is frequently presenting at public engagement events and teaches chemistry and biology.

Tristan Cinquin 

Tristan has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Systems from EPFL in Lausanne and is completing his master's degree in Computer Science at ETH Zurich. He specializes in artificial intelligence and data science, and is interested in finance and algorithmic trading.

Kim Bodmer 

Kim has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Biology with a focus on Microbiology from University of Zurich. She worked in various fields within science communication and gained experiences in science journalism, as well as environmental education and teaching kids. She is currently writing for an online science magazine next to running bouldering courses at BoulderArea in Zug.

Ioan Fodorut 

Ioan is a Computer Engineering graduate at TUC-N, having experience in mobile and web development, embedded systems and is currently a master student at ETH in the Neural Systems and Computation program. His current passions are Deep Learning, Neuromorphic Enginering and Computational Psychiatry.

Selena Pepić 

Selena has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from University of Novi Sad and is completing her master's degree in Computer Science at ETH Zurich. Her interests lie in areas of theoretical computer science, cryptography and natural language processing. Outside university, she enjoys playing bridge at a national level.

Lenart Treven 

Lenart has a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and is completing his master's degree in Data Science from ETH Zurich. During his undergraduate studies he was preparing high school students on math competitions (national championships, IMO). Currently his interest lies in the theory of machine learning and it’s applications.

Flavia Cavallaro 

Flavia completed her bachelor's in Computer Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino. Then she left for Zurich, where she completed her Msc in Computer Science at ETH Zurich. In her studies, Flavia specializes in machine learning and software engineering. She hopes that one day she will learn to surf, not only the web, but also the waves.

Simon Schug 

Simon has studied Computer Engineering & Psychology and is now pursuing a PhD in Theoretical Neuroscience at ETH Zurich.
He enjoys teaching maths, science & engineering driven by his own curiosity for these subjects.

Taylor McCants 

Taylor graduated from Zurich International School in 2013. She received her bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Baylor University in 2017. She is currently a master’s student at University of Zurich studying Computer Science. She has participated in Girl’s in STEM workshops with Society of Women Engineers and hopes to inspire more girls to see just how fun STEM can be.